Sukant Sharma


Designing a SaaS product for dentists. Aligneurs Francais (AF) is a french aligner manufacturer wishing to develop a French solution which allows dentists all over the country to add patients, upload photos, start treatment, and order aligners from AF Lab.​


Aligneurs Francais - Paris, France




Product Strategy, User Research, Interaction, Visual design, Prototyping & Testing

Project Duration

07 Weeks | 50+ Screens

Users & Audience

Below are the two types of users who would use the product

🦷 Dentists

Dentists all over the France

Mobile App + Web App

Audience demographics based on online data

👨‍💻 Production employees

Employees working at AF Lab

Web App

Audience demographics based on data given by the client

Problem Statements

Below are some of the problem statements

Uploading patient photos is a long process

Current process:

  • Add a new patient on the web app
  • Take photos on the phone
  • Copy photos from phone to laptop
  • Upload photos on web app

Building a mobile app

New process:

  • Add a new patient using the mobile app
  • Take photos using the mobile app

Interaction between dentist & lab was happening over email

  • Hard to keep track of chats
  • Delayed response
  • Using email has a lot of limitations

New messaging system

  • Keep track of every chat for every patient
  • Real-time response
  • Super flexible, share photos, reports, x-rays etc
  • Easy to know which patient you are talking about

Managing invoices is poor

  • Need to send invoices manually
  • No payment due reminder for dentists

Automated invoice system

  • Automated invoices
  • Automated payment due reminder for dentists


Below are some of the goals for us to achieve

Easy management of patients

For dentists, it should be super easy to manage all patients which include:

  • Adding patients, photos & prescription
  • Filtering through different types of patients (New, Treatment in progress & Treatment finished)
  • Treatment progress for each patient
  • Recent activities so dentists will know what is the current status of all different patients

Easy invoice management for AF Admin

For product admin, management of invoices should be automated and easy. Some of the goals for invoice management are:

  • Filtering through all types of invoices (Paid/Unpaid)
  • Automated reminder to Dentists if the payment is still pending
  • Download invoice offline

Realtime interaction between Dentist & AF Lab

Below are some of the goals for better interactions between dentists and AF Lab

  • Live chat based on patient profile
  • Sharing prescriptions, reports and X-ray for patients within the chat


  • Realtime delivery updates for Dentists to track the Aligners for every patient
  • Dentists review 3D Aligners before they actually order the physical aligners
  • Improving overall user experience


Below is the sitemap for Dentists

Web app designs for Dentists ⬇️


List of patients

Add a new patient

Treatment process





Mobile app designs for Dentists ⬇️

List of patients

5 Stages of a patient

Stage 1

New Patient Added

Stage 2

Treatment Started

Stage 3

3D Aligneurs Setup

Stage 4

Aligneurs Received

Stage 5

Treatment Finished

Add a new patient

Treatment process


Dashboard & Notifications