Aligneurs Francais, a french aligner maker. A team passionate about quality and service. Originally, French company wishing to develop a French solution, at the best value for money. All of their aligners are manufactured in the heart of the Jura mountains, in an orthodontic laboratory which combines exceptional craftsmanship acquired over 3 generations with cutting-edge technological innovations. And finally, a network of dentists present throughout France and committed to delivering the best possible service at a fair price.


Aligneurs Francais, Paris


Mobile App Design

1. Patient takes an appointement


Patient takes an appointement on Aligneurs Francais Website

Aligneurs Francais Lab

AF Lab receives the appointment on their B2C website and assigns the patient to a nearby dental clinic

Dental Clinic

The dentist sees the patient, add it on the mobile app and starts the treatment

2. Dentist adds the patient & start the treatment

Dental Clinic

Dentist adds the patient on AF (Aligneurs Francais) Portal via AF mobile app or web app

Dental Clinic

After adding the patient. Dentist will start the treatment, take some scans and photographs and upload it on the AF Portal and fill the prescription

Dental Clinic

After uploading all the required scans and photos dentist will request AF Lab for 3D Aligners

3. AF Lab designs the 3D Aligners

Aligneurs Francais Lab

AF Lab will receive all the scans and photos uploaded by the dentist and starts the designing of 3D Aligners

Aligneurs Francais Lab

After designing the 3D Aligners, AF Lab will upload the 3D Aligners to the dentist portal

Dental Clinic

The dentist will review the 3D Aligners. If he rejects it then AF Lab will design and upload another 3D Aligner. If approved lab will start manufacturing the actual aligners.

4. AF Lab manufacture & deliver the aligners

Aligneurs Francais Lab

After 3D Aligners are approved by the dentist. AF Lab will manufacture the aligners and sent it to the Dentist

Dental Clinic

Dentist will receive the aligners and give it to the patient.

Dental Clinic

The dentist will have to pay the AF Lab within 20 days after the aligners are delivered

Other features of the app


Dentist and AF Lab can chat with each other regarding any specific patient


Dentist can view all the pending and paid invoices


Here dentist can edit or update his personal details or his clinic details


Dentist can see all quick actions here, notifications, recent activities etc.

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